Learn How to Protect Your Assets by Better Understanding Business Structures, Tax Law, and Business Finance

so you can minimize your risk and maximize your growth!

This Is Your Chance To Learn how the Right Business Structure can Protect your Assets & help you grow your wealth

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"You should listen to Candy Valentino because she’s actually done it.
She left what was safe, overcame incredible odds, and accomplished goal after goal. She conquered every obstacle, built and sold amazing businesses, and did it all with a humble helping heart. "
Rory Vaden, New York Times Best Selling Author, Hall of Fame Speaker and Founder

About the Workshop

This is the stuff no one is talking about. 
Why? Because they don't know. So many "influencers" and "mastermind" leaders have never founded or scaled an actual business before their personal brand or coaching business. This fact is hidden by the smoke and mirrors of marketing, bought social media followings and curated optics that have no relation to business success or real wealth.

In this mini course we combine the expertise of Candy Valentino, Founder & Real Estate Investor, with 22 years of experience, Bonnie Forte, a Tax Expert with 22 years of experience, & John Hauser a Business Professor and Attorney with 17 years of experience to break down business structures and asset protection tactics that will massively impact your ability to grow and scale your business.

Join us today to dive deep on "unspoken" and rarely used strategies that the wealthy are taking advantage of and you can now implement too!

In this workshop we'll be covering topics like:

  • Business Finance and Investment Strategies - What it is and how to implement it in your business
  • ​Retirement Options - for you and your business so you can be set for life
  • T​ax Structure and Taxation Savings - So you can keep more of your money in your own pocket
  • Asset Protection - Minimize your risk and protect your personal assets today
  • Generational Wealth - What options exist and how the right business structure can help you. build it
  • ​And So Much More... buckle up! There's money to be saved.

Why Should You Take This Seriously?

My name is Candy Valentino.
You probably don’t know me because instead of building a personal brand and a social media following, I’ve been building actual businesses for the last 23 years.

I founded my first multi-million dollar business at 19. I was running payroll, growing teams and learning all about business finance before I could legally order a drink.
I went on to build multiple businesses in diverse industries. The amount of experience, strategy and resources you acquire after doing anything for 23 years is immense. That's a lot of learning, growing and figuring things out.

Although I built my businesses on my own, I wasn't alone. Being surrounded with a network of real industry experts - seven, eight and nine figure business owners - for more than two decades has provided an incredible journey over the last 23 years.

One I wish every single business owner could experience. Which is exactly why I am pulling back the curtain and sharing my secrets with you.
It wasn’t until after the sale and exit of my last company that I was able to take the time to share any of this with all of you. (When you're an entrepreneur at your core, "retirement" is kinda boring lol)
I don’t have a bunch of courses and I'm not a "coach". What I have is 23 years of actual experience and knowledge that will save you THOUSANDS of dollars and YEARS of trial and error. That I can guarantee. 

Typically the only way to work with me is thru FOUNDERS, a high-level business group that costs $25,000 - $50,000 (that most new business owners can’t afford) or on the very rare chance I accept private clients, my retainers are $29,500.

But here's the thing. I remember what it was like to feel lost, not able to talk to friends or a spouse who understood the challenges that we face every day. I remember what it was like to feel like you were doing everything, yet unsure if anything was right.

Don't buy into the optics of social media, influencers and marketing tactics or you'll be playing a game that will have you working forever while trading TIME for MONEY.  That's not being an entrepreneur, that's being self-EMPLOYED.

There is a better way. 

No one is talking about these strategies I'm going to share with you... 

That changes when you join me for this workshop.  A workshop that is going to save you and your business lots of time, work and money. 

What is it like working with Candy?

"Candy is smart, passionate, optimistic, and driven. 

She thrives on inspiring and motivating women to accomplish their goals and dreams with her support and entrepreneurial spirit. 

Her vision for success is like no other and her work ethic is unmatched."
Julie Sacriponte, Founder
Choice One Staffing 
"Candy is the type of person that brings an overwhelming amount of energy into a room. She has an unlimited passion to teach, coach and develop people. As a friend she has helped me to grow personally, and as a mentor she has helped me in many different areas of my business. I’ve never met someone as focused and dedicated to any challenge that is in front of her. "
Melissa Blystone, CEO
Valley Dairy Restaurants
"Candy has an incredible entrepreneurial spirit and mindset. She has a passion for helping others grow and succeed professionally and personally. 
Her approach to business is focused and mission driven. I highly recommend her as a business consultant and coach".
Linda Thomas
International Training Consultant
"Candy is filled with success, passion and intelligence. She has built multimillion dollar for-profit and non-profit business that have been extremely impactful. She has great wisdom and I look to her for advice and inspiration. This is a must."
Michael Dash, Author and Founder 
8 figure Staffing Company 
"If you want someone who has real world experience building successful businesses, Candy is it. She has that rare perfect mix of practical action, strategy and mindset from someone uniquely qualified to do it all. "
Alison Lumantis, CEO
Get Your Pretty On
"Candy is a wealth of wisdom in all areas of business and life! She can intuitively pin point problem areas and suggest creative solutions. I always learn something new when I’m around her and I leave our conversations feeling encouraged and inspired!"
Stacey Poterson, Founder
FemForce Shoots

The Protect Your Assets Workshop Is...

YOUR CHANCE TO LEARN THE SECRETS THE wealthy USE TO minimize risks so they can build more generational wealth!

You Cannot Afford To Miss This.
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